Why Sustainability is Important to Us

We believe REVVV SWIM has a responsibility to create not only the best swimsuits but also to operate as sustainably and ethically as possible to limit the impact we have on the planet.  All swimsuits that use plastic-based materials like nylon, polyester, and spandex never decompose and end up in landfills or the ocean forever. REVVV SWIM applies the best alternative and uses recycled materials for our swimwear, along with a supply chain that is both ethical and transparent.

The average consumer buys 60% more pieces of garment today compared to 15 years ago, and each clothing item is now kept only half as long. It’s therefore our mission to create timeless, purposeful pieces that are meant to be kept for a lifetime.  

Our Materials

We believe in choosing the best materials for swimwear that protect the planet and environment, as well as maintain quality standards. All REVVV SWIM suits are made with 100% recycled nylon material sourced from Italy. Our products are made with EUROJERSEY fabric, which utilizes special procedures and technologies that reduce its impact on water, energy, chemical consumption, and carbon emissions. 

Our Manufacturing Process

All REVVV SWIM suits are made locally and shipped from New York City. Our entire supply chain process is transparent and includes the greatest priority on humane labor and sustainable practices. Producing our products locally ensures a smaller carbon footprint than international supply chains where transparency is lacking and carbon emissions are hard to trace. 

Our Packaging

All shipments of REVVV SWIM come in small, muslin, drawstring bags made from 100% cotton. Each bag comes with a hand-printed REVVV logo on the front, meaning no two bags are exactly alike. 

What We’re Working Towards

REVVV SWIM is always looking for innovative ways to strengthen sustainability practices. Currently, we are in the process of creating a recycled swimsuit program to decrease the amount of swimsuits that end up in landfills. We are also looking for better ways to create swimwear with newer, more sustainable fabrics as more are developed.